I am a feminist oral historian, trained by renowned jazz oral historian and Critical Race & Gender Studies scholar Sherrie Tucker. People’s stories and personal experiences are insightful, meaningful sources at the center of my research. I study food, waste, methods ofIMG-1364 high-tech, low-tech and no-tech waste metabolism and re-value (from bug guts, to microbes, to incinerators, to re-distribution); engaging how this matter surprisingly overlaps and how it is entangled with identity factors like race, class, gender, nationality or mobility. View select publications here. My research explores disgust, the rotten, the wasted, ruin, the dead and the re-valued or re-considered at the intersections of the following fields: food studies, discard studies, feminist science & technology studies, environmental theory and queer ecologies. I am lecturer in the UCLA Biotechnology Cluster, and coordinator of the Coronavirus Multispecies Reading Group with anthropologist Eben Kirksey. I served as the 2018-2019 Oral Historian-in-Residence at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women; and the 2016-2018 Postdoctoral Fellow in the UCLA Center for the Study of Women and Institute for Society & Genetics as part of the Food, Water, Shelter and Chemical Entanglements campus research initiatives. I teach courses for the UCLA Gender Studies Department and the Institute for Society & Genetics. I am a founding member & former executive board participant of Sunrise Project, a grassroots food justice non-profit, free community orchard and open access food pantry in Lawrence, Kansas (*please donate if you have the means–I am no longer a board member, but know they are doing excellent work). I have two books under contract:

  • In Progress and Under Contract, University of Nebraska Press: Talking Food, Talking Trash: Oral Histories of Food Precarity from the Margins of a Dumpster
  • Under Contract with The Ohio State University Press: Queer Toxic Soy Beans and Estrogen Panic: Gendered Food Fear Mongering


*Photo credits: L: Left Bank Books-Seattle, author’s collection; R: Ritratto, personal collection